The best 2 DIN radios for Android cars



In cars, it is almost essential to have a radio for a comfortable and satisfying ride. It is also necessary that when you install them, different schedules and applications are taken into account so that they work as well as possible. Visit this link to gain more ideas: best double din head unit


As a first model, the 2 DIN NFS-XJSCAREFORDS270162 car radio has various functions like 3G / WIFI, A2DP hands-free function, and the ability to control music or video projected on the screen from the steering wheel. It also has essential features for browsing and downloading, such as Rockchip 3188, Cortex A9 1.6G quad-core 1.6G CPU, 16G NAND flash memory, and more.


A second option may be OCDAY AR6002B, which has the WiFi function for wireless Internet connection and the Android 6.0 operating system, which offers higher speed in all its services, as well as excellent compatibility with many applications. Also, it has a 6.2-inch screen that plays videos at 1080 pixels.


What is the best Android 2 DIN car radio on the market?


One of the advantages of vehicles with a 2 DIN radio slot is that we can mount larger devices with many more functions than conventional 1 DIN models. But to take advantage of this space, you must buy a quality product with all the services we need. A purchase in which our guide to buying the best 2 DIN car radio will be of great help as we discover what the essential aspects of this equipment are, whether they are cheap or beautiful.


Screen size and quality


Although we are talking about a standard like 2 DIN, that any product can fit, the truth is that not all radios of this size that we have in the market are the same. The most significant difference is perceived even in the size of the screen, which has a considerable influence on how we see the content we reproduce on it.

In general, we should not bet on any model whose screen is less than 15 cm. In fact, except for overpriced models, these six inches are the foundation from which sizes begin to move. If you prefer something more substantial, some devices measure up to 7 inches at the cost of sacrificing the external keyboard and offer simple touch operation.


Basic functions


Then we talk about another critical aspect in any comparison of 2 DIN car radios, like the essential functions. These are the functions of these devices and should not be missing from any computer unless we want an incomplete car radio.


These functions include radio, CD player, and other devices such as flash drives, SD cards, and the like. On some models, the CD player is no longer added as these new connectivity options dramatically cover them. It's about preferences.


Among the essential functions, we also have those related to our mobile phone, with Bluetooth connectivity and speaker to answer calls hands-free. Or the GPS navigation function that should not be missing in any of these devices today. Regarding the latter, it is convenient to check the type of map used by the device and especially the way they are updated, as this can sometimes be problematic.